Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hello. Welcome to my first blog post. I am Kent Krause, author of a new novel titled The All-American King. The book is a modern retelling of the King David story, with a quarterback as the central character. More information about the book (including a free preview of Chapter 1) is available at my Web site:

You may be wondering if my novel is anything like the television show, Kings. The answer is no--not really. Aside from drawing from the same Old Testament source material (1 & 2 Samuel) and addressing a few of the same themes, the two works are quite different. The All-American King is a work of contemporary Christian realism (assuming such a genre exists) set primarily in the Midwest. Kings, on the other hand, is a political/science-fiction/religious/Shakespearean soap opera set in an alternate universe. The show might be what you get if you threw Dynasty, Rome, and Battlestar Galactica into a blender. Plus, there are butterflies. Lots and lots of butterflies. If you want to check it out, the show is on Saturday nights on NBC at 8:00 Eastern / 7:00 Central.

So, what will my blog be about? Um . . . well, I have a few ideas:
  • behind the scenes stuff from The All-American King (kinda like the special features on a DVD)
  • writing fiction (On Writing is a good place to start)
  • reading fiction (yes, I count Mick Foley as one of my influences)
  • trying to get your work published (visualize driving a camel through the eye of a needle)
  • why self-publishing might be right for you (because a camel doesn't easily fit through the eye of a needle)
  • my current/future writing projects (I'm thinking that a modern-day novel about Balaam's donkey might be too much like Knight Rider)
  • miscellaneous ramblings about the flotsam and jetsam of life (just like at the end of 60 Minutes)

Thanks for stopping by. Hurry back.


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