Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Farewell to Kings

It is Saturday. For the past several weeks the arrival of Saturday has brought a new episode of Kings on NBC. Last week, however, was the season finale. And since the network did not renew the show, that episode was also the series finale.

Premiering in April, Kings was an alternate reality drama based on the biblical story of King Saul and King David. I confess I had mixed feelings about it at first. It intrigued me, though I wondered if it tried to do too much with too many different elements. But the show held my interest enough to keep watching. Each week it drew me deeper and deeper into the story. By the middle of its 12-episode run, I counted Kings as one of the year’s best television shows. The writing, production quality, and acting were superb. More than once I had to rewind a scene to absorb the full power and beauty of Ian McShane’s Shakespearean dialogue.

Despite garnering much critical acclaim, Kings did not draw high ratings. So NBC pulled the plug. We will thus never know the fate of Silas, Rose, Jack, Michelle, William, and of course David Shepherd, who at season’s end, had to flee his homeland to seek refuge among his nation’s enemies.

Goodbye Kings. You were an innovative show that deserved a much longer run.

Maybe I should check out Deadwood on DVD.

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