Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Characters on 24

A new season of 24 is underway. There are plenty of new characters, but which ones will survive the season? Below is my estimation of their chances:

Brian Hastings: He should learn to trust Chloe. He probably survives, but his mistakes will cost lives. 75%

Farhad Hassan: He’s already revealed himself as a bad guy and early villains don’t last long on this show. 10%

President Omar Hassan: You may remember him as the game show host in Slumdog Millionaire. I hope he makes it to the last episode, so he can point to a battered and bloody Jack and exclaim, “What a player!” 80%

Freddie Prinze Jr. (Cole): Bad things usually happen to guys who hang around with Jack. He may survive, but he loses one or more body parts along the way. 60%

Starbuck (Dana): Does this mean that Cylons have infiltrated CTU? Either way, Katee Sackoff is a survivor. 90%

Dom from Entourage (the angry cop): Guys who beat up Jack usually die, but I think he just quietly fades from the story. 85%

Percy from The Green Mile (Davros the assassin): Jack has already killed him, and this guy will stay dead! 0%

Meredith Reed: Yeah, I don’t like her chances. 5%

Jack’s granddaughter, Teri: Not only does she survive, but she saves her mom (Kim) from a mountain lion attack after they land in LA. 100%

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I was recently interviewed by Cathy Bryant for her Christian fiction blog, WordVessel. This interview (posted January 12, 2010) is available at the link below:

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Teachers

Before and during the writing of my first novel, I studied several books on how to write fiction. The list includes Writing for the Soul (Jerry Jenkins), On Writing (Stephen King), Bird by Bird (Anne Lamott) and The First Five Pages (Noah Lukeman). I also read scores of useful articles in The Writer, a magazine I’ve subscribed to for eight years. All of the above provided invaluable lessons and advice as I wrote The All-American King.

Now halfway through my second novel, I’m finding it beneficial to consult my old “teachers” again to make sure I’m still following their sound instruction. This review not only refreshes my knowledge of the craft, it also renews my enthusiasm for the writing experience.